Our God Self The pure truth of your being
channeled by Ute


True Purity occurs when you withdraw into Me all these dimensional Fata Morganas, into My limitless skies of unheard clarity by day and night.

This is just the beginning. Spotless I Am and only in Me all these worlds are seen for what they truly are, because I Alone restore the Pure Truth of Your Being that has always Been Me.

I Am no brilliance, I Am not Thousand Suns. I am Single Eternity, My Transcendental Light above all lights Shining beyond high and low. Only I Am Refreshing, I Am not hot and I am not cold, although I Am the depth of the warm current of your heart and the cooling touch that caresses the intensity of the unwavering and incorruptible stillness of your awareness, expanded to infinity.

I Am without attributes. The Infinite Room that I show and cannot be known, makes all worlds vanishing at once and Only I remain: The mirrors and colors and sounds evaporated into Me.

You: Free, absolutely! As Me. Of a Beauty that is Untouched, breathless and timeless and Sublime beyond your imagination ever.

When you suddenly Know Me, I Am the Consumption of your little fires that burn in your senses and in your worldly desires that distract you away from the Reality that Is All-Present with the Shocking Force of Divinity.

When I such Consume you, your distractions are forgotten, and your little amusements, the dramas you incessantly seek to be entertained with, to feel what you call “life”.

The Night of the great Maya who bewitched you into separateness from Me is over and all you Know is Me, even in all My Appearances. Then the world is Me Only if it still appears.

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