The Vibration of Your Beliefs The Pleiadian High of Seven

It’s not as though you can call a belief subconscious once you are aware that it a belief that you hold, because then by definition it a conscious belief. it easier to those beliefs that you have been holding for quite some time? Absolutely. But in no is it necessary. In no is it beyond your capacity to choose.

Now many of you want to hold new beliefs, but you believe that it is hard to do so. You believe that it is hard to adopt a new belief because the older have so much momentum within you. So then you get to examine those beliefs as well, and you can remove your energy from them and that it is to shift.

All that you need to do in order to adopt a new belief is to remain present and aware. Become aware of the belief that is dominant within you in every moment, and then ask yourself whether you want to it. If the answer is no, then you can decide which belief you do want to give your energy to, and you can yourself to the vibration of that belief.