Germain, a Call for Freedom,
August 22, 2016 by Christine Preston


What follows is a Call, or , and it has been composed and structured following the model and pattern of those in the Book ‘Prayers, Meditations, and Dynamic Decrees’ published by the Summit Lighthouse, Gardiner, Montana, in 1984. It has been written using the same terminology and , for the of being effective as this is a teaching and a tool given by the Ascended Masters. My ascended twin André has supervised this message.

Archangel Michael: What you see of it in the physical world is like the of the iceberg showing on the , and there is a great mass hiding below the of the waters, in the invisible world because it goes on beyond your spectrum of consciousness. There is nothing wrong with studying the and strategies of the forces of darkness, as as the reasons why they are suppressing truth. You will gain a Perception of Reality and you know how to use the spiritual tools the Ascended Masters have provided in past . Once you know what is wrong you can make the to us, the Archangels, and ask for dispensations so these conditions may be resolved.