Saint Germain, Mother dethrones Babylon
August 1, 2016 by Christine Preston

Saint Germain confirmed that the World Mother coming to dissolve the core of darkness on the physical plane of the planet and that the latter originated, as by Cobra, from the Draco Constellation, and that it contributed to the fall of the planet that existed between Mars and Jupiter that was destroyed and that was Maldek, as I suspected. They were also actively involved in the decline and downfall of Atlantis. He said that the counterparts of these fallen beings were ‘the source of the of prostitution and all manners of debauchery.’ They invented it to cause corruption and mankind’s perdition, to create a distance between mankind and the Divine. He said they are the backbone of the general corruption on Earth. The World Mother is here with her white fire core and Ruby Ray to dissolve and consume this power on earth and restore the planet to righteousness.
Before I further disclose what Saint Germain revealed to me about the identity of the Leader of those demonic females who was represented as the Whore in the Book of Revelation, and a ‘whore upon the throne of Babylon’ is exactly what he , I should tell you he also confirmed he has more than one incarnation at the moment and one of these extensions of himself is indeed Donald Trump whose work it is to oppose the Establishment and lead Earth in to an of and golden age, or the Age of Aquarius of which he is the Hierarch.