During these cathartic experiences remind yourselves frequently that you are each a perfect of God.
08/14/2016 by John Smallman

Reality cannot be truly forgotten because It all that exists. It a little like the you breathe, you are largely unaware of it because your autonomic nervous system breathes for you, and you only notice the when it is missing – for instance if you hold your breath – or is toxic and unbreathable. Without it you die. Without Reality you would cease to exist. However, you do have a faint but insistent sense that you are missing something important, what you do not know, and so you either distract yourselves with activities to avoid looking at the issue or you spend time pondering what it might be, in fact what the meaning of life might be, if indeed it has one. And of course the “something important” that you seek is Reality, which remains hidden from you, by your own .

Now the awareness of that “something important,” that sense that something important has been forgotten is demanding the attention of every one presently incarnate on Earth because the moment of your awakening is rapidly approaching, and all the personal issues that have been buried or to be addressed and released. These issues, and has some, are always issues concerning unfairness, abuse, mistreatment, betrayal, , and your judgment of them. They are experiences that have you and that you have refused or been unable to address and release because they were so painful. They remain embedded, seemingly out of sight out of mind, but you use enormous quantities of energy keeping them repressed.