6 Kan, 1 Uo, 13 Caban

Dratzo! Amazing events are on the near . Those individuals who are diligently making possible your new are winding up the final details needed for success. These actions are to authorize an series of funds to be formally transferred. We are waiting for these transfers to be approved and formally accounted for. The is in the throes of defeated. The next exchanges are to put a nail in the coffin of those who so arrogantly ruled over you. These defeated ones are presently watched. Once the first funds are exchanged, the dark is to be fully isolated from each of you. Over the last few decades, these horrid ones nearly stole your souls. Heaven intervened and we are here as instruments of . Many people working under the auspices of the Ascended have been secretly working to end this threat to surface humanity. Consequently, you are on the cusp of a new, free and prosperous era! The rise of NESARA and new governance is just one sign of this wondrous time.