By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan.

Your is a miracle. it. Breathing is a miracle, it. Everything is there because you constructed it. You are dreaming it and it is dreaming you. You are your neighbor’s and your neighbors are your . When you want to shift, you shall. When you want to wake up from that dream, you shall. But until then you continue to dream all connecting, all experiencing, all birthing.

Become as water, shift and change and flow and contract and expand and rise and lower yourselves all throughout your day. Do not settle enough or nest in any anger or any fears, but relax your body and move away from it. You cannot undo what has been done. You cannot undo what a high percentage of your has deemed as correct whether it is war or land. But you can bless all, after and during the . What hurts you, bless it. What angers you, bless it. What binds you, bless it. For the vibration of bless has a lessening effect. Lessening by blessing, you the effect. The is in the blessing. Your lessons to learn, your lessons to release. Look at when you bless another very now for much more is happening then you have ever surveyed in the past. I bless you. “Aloha FROM MY HEART TO YOURS”