The Angels
by Ann August 20, 2016

If you remain centered in the present, committed to love in the moment, immersing yourself on the task at hand, being grateful for what you have now, allowing yourself and others to be exactly as they are for the moment… then dear ones you will be open to an unblocked flow of love streaming straight from the heart of the Divine!

You will think with clarity and receive clear guidance. Your health, as well as your emotional and well-being will begin to improve ! When you embrace the present, you are no longer running away from love! If you are rushing to the future or hurrying away from your past, you are missing the love available right now.

Dream your dreams. At the same time, embrace each precious amazing moment of life. From each moment of love, peace, gratitude, compassion, and wonder, you will gracefully and easily be guided to an even better and more amazing moment as your eternal soul travel through the illusions of time.