The Love of Mushaba, by Anakhanda Mushaba

The Love Essence of Mushaba is what is going to bring so many to the idea of Love in a way that they have not as yet felt it. People haven’t truly known what love really is and this will be very powerful in assisting people to that knowing. They will feel the difference in the essence as that of pure and rather than something that has to be earned or can be mistaken for that, or something that is otherwise noted to bring something outside of oneself to total recognition. Love was never to be earned or found outside of the , nor was there ever any physical act that could bring forward what love truly is. It is a matter of the Love energy being as well as all that comes from it. The Love Essence of Mushaba will bring into fruition all of what love is and was to be for there are aspects to this essence that hasn’t been known before by all of humanity. It is truly a gift and blessing profound to all of creation. The essence of what love is, is what’s imbued into the Love Essence of Mushaba. It is the original love that was issued froth from the All That Is and is what the fabric of all of existence is made of.

As the Love becomes the totality of the journey, then people won’t have to consider acting in Love, for it will be their nature. That’s the key and that is the of where all are headed. Love is the journey and always has been. As they go through the evolvement they will bring to themselves the fullness of the essence and they will know why it is who they are, therefore they will know to express it in the newness of the freedom, self-empowerment and creativity that they are. The Love Essence of Mushaba will Be, rather than worked for, or used for something that is desired. Nothing can more powerful than Being, in essence and totality. It will be felt and recognized with all of existence.

Diaclosities Speaks on the Love Essence of Mushaba,
Channeled by

The Love Essence of Mushaba is the extension of what it was representing in the name of the Mushaba Force. It is the coming together of all of that has been created in Love, and the freedom of the power that everyone has to in the essence of who they are.

It is a time for us all to come to terms with what we have created and see what it means to us. It is a glorious time for all of us to go with the flow and see what comes from the essence of our own selves and that of all those who are individualized in the world that we have created.

Do we love what we have created? If so we can see the potential for us to be able to set it all in a different energy and then become it. We see the possibility of the essence becoming the picture that we create in our own ways and our own ideas of what we desire for our lives. Yes, we have the power to that which we see can benefit us from becoming another essence of the Love that was in closed circumstances at the time of the creation of it. We can see it come to a clearer and more harmonious way of creation that will not only fit our bill, but will blend in with all of the sunshine that is around us.