by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco.

The event as you know it is a cosmic event, a cosmic happening, that has never happened before on this planet, or on any other planet in the that it is coming, in the that it is going to happen. But it is coming, it is a part of the expression now of this planet earth, and of the solar system, and of the galaxy it’s , because this energy, that is coming from the galactic central sun, is going to consciousness throughout the galaxy, it is not only here on this planet earth, the people here on the planet earth, the people within the earth, it is not only here but all across the solar system and the galaxy, that consciousness is shifting, and as we have said many times nothing at this point can stop it. It is what you call a done deal. You have heard, many of you have now heard that a selection of those at the top, those of the controllers at the top levels have been taken out of the picture, and yet that is true. They have been removed. those of what you would call their minions, those of the illuminati, those of the cabal that are here on the planet, still seemingly running the , and I say now seemingly, because they believe they are still in charge , but even they know now, that their time is short, that they are losing the . We know, they have already lost it, they know though that hey are receding in , they know they are losing control each and every day that passes. And they know now there is very little they can do about it, but yet their tenacity is strong, and they continue to strive, continue to move forward , continue to do what has always worked for them. I speak of the various families, of what has always worked for them up until now. But it is no longer working, and can no longer work, because there are to many forces of light, that are come to bear upon the situation, and have come to release these higher worlds, from the grasp of those that have attempted to continue to maintain control. So their time is short, you time is just beginning. everything is in , everything, as many of the have been saying, many of the galactics have been saying, everything is being orchestrated, and everything is being orchestrated for the betterment of all of mankind.