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An Update on the Post Regarding the Removal of the Cabal: 7-30-2016.

The cabal that has been removed from this planet are the very top echelon cabal members. These are the real (I am them the top of the pyramid of control bosses) who’s names have never been revealed in public, by their own design, and ones we will never know by name. These Top of the Cabal are the ones who send down the orders to the their more public lower minions to carry out their dastardly deeds. These public lower minions are the ones we all know by name and are in the news quite often.

Now what I feel is it is these lower minions who will be arrested soon, and we the public will see them appear on mainstream media so that we can all see justice is carried out. What that justice might be will, I am sure, vary each of them individually as to what their crimes against humanity have been. Whatever justice that comes to them will be of their own making.

All we can do for now is just wait to see the proof of all this which I believe will happen this year. Anyway that’s my truth for this .


This is Nancy: As I finished reading this from Bob, I saw the ones of the cabal who were never public, the top echelon, standing in their communication with the lower minions completely covered with robes and /face hoods, from their down to their toes, and that their voices were not their own, but through their ability to bring forth an altered voice.