Urgent to , Ley Lies
Thoth, Sirian High Council of Light
by Anna Merkaba August 11, 2016


In so doing, the restructuring of the old, to shake the known time and space in which you are yourselves in, and in so doing, all of your vessels of time and space are being restructured to be able to achieve self-mastery in the human vessel, to be able to achieve the of intricate proportions, so as to allow you to hold the outmost amount of light necessary to transfer the newly found codices of ascension you to freedom of thought and freedom of action and complete cognitive transformation from that of the third dimensional frequencies of survival to the fifth dimensional frequencies of BEing.

And so and thus, the moment of tremendous potential of the human vehicle, the human soul, the human understanding of BEing is approaching, compelling each of the collective consciousness of humanity to comprehend and acknowledge their deepest and let go of said feelings of limitation, so that they can fully attune themselves to the nature of their benevolent higher selves.