The Mushaba Platinum Light

Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba August 12, 2016

Greetings of Love!

The Evolution of the Mushaba Force 4

The Mushaba Race was a creation of the of the Mushaba Force. There is nothing in this that comes from the Creator except the energy by which to move through creation. When The Creator made the intent to create that was the first word, the first idea of movement. From this initial first thought, or word came all the rest. As the Mushaba force to be itself in movement, there came an idea spurned by its own knowledge of itself. This knowledge was that there is movement, and that it can be brought into form from an idea.

Now closely to this: that thought form that came about as a result of that idea was the first intention for the Mushaba Race, for it was a representative of its potential, of its particular essence of , frequency. Everything that is created is done so in a particular frequency. That is determined by the energy in which the idea comes, or is born in. The Creator energy is ever moving and transforming itself. This creates all of the colors and vibratory expressions, and translates into more of itself at the particular evolution of these expressions. That is what determines the individuality of all of creation.

As these expressions came into being, they morphed into other expressions and identities according to the relevance of one to another. For instance, if one form of expression came into contact another, then a different expression was created. This is a simplistic way of what I am telling you. I shall go further and present the idea of physical form. When a physical form has as its prominent vibration as that of a two-legged, two-armed being that walks upright, and it has contact at a certain evolution another vibration that is moving at a different rate of vibration due to circumstances of movement in the expression of creation, which also has as all expressions in the cyclic movement of the universe, it can come into form a different color skin, or a different part of the physical form of the other.