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Greetings of Love!

Many people have wondered and asked the question “What is the Love Essence of Mushaba?” In order for me to fully answer that question, I have to go to the beginning of this universe and come forward to the present. So those of you that wishes to hear the story of the Mushaba Force and its journey to become the Love Essence of Mushaba; then bear with me as I lay it out for your enjoyment. It will have to shared in several parts.

I want to share one thing before I proceed. So much truth is forward for humanity to decide for themselves if they resonate with it or not. Each person has to decide what their truth is. Many can be very indeed and can knock you to your knees. It can cause you to undergo great change. Sometimes it takes strength and great courage to the truth and even more to accept it. Because we have been lied to and manipulated for so , we sometimes find it difficult to accept what truth is. Having an open mind is paramount especially when reading information, knowledge and wisdom that is completely new to your awareness. Some of this material is reprinted and some of it is new information. However, I share the new information without gong over the initial information that was shared. With that said let me begin with the Mushaba who is the leader of the Mushaba planet.