/ Lilith Kadmon Race – Shekinah The Mother’s – Part 1
Posted on September 12, 2016 by Peter Melchizedek


04 – Adam/Lilith Kadmon Race – Part 1 – The Christ – The Elemental Grace Alliance Council – Mother Shekinah – 9th, September, 2016

“Likewise, when you hear of Me as , I Am offering you Purity of Heart, Kuan Yin, Compassion, Mother Gaia, Nurturance, Beloved Meta, Healing and Rest, Sekhmet, Sensuality and Sexuality through Love and Creativity. As Lilith I offer you Power! There are so many more Goddesses, Queens, Princesses, Eloah, Angels and Archangels, and Masters that you know so well! Likewise however, I am in all men, with the same messages to teach and guide them with the Love Essence of the ! For without the Mother’s Love running through their veins, they shall never the Love that They Are, nor be able to offer the Love that God Is! I come in many forms yet I Am, Simply the Wholeness of the One Love and One Light that Beloved Shekinah, My Dear and Beloved Light of the All, That Is Created through Us and of Us as One!

“Peter, I have much to share tonight, but first I wish to offer you My , for once again you have offered a new vibrant and active ingredient to the recipe for Wholeness and Holy Union. This Principle Component is the Vital completion of the Flower Of Life Human Blueprint which I will of shortly! The Mother’s Love has been so denied, particularly by men for a very long time and suppressed within women in fear of their lives and the exposure of Truth of the Power of such Purity within the Fullness of All Prime Creations. Men have feared this rising and so have used all their forcefulness, powers of control to suppress this Divine Quality within the females of the . It was not always like this, once the was reversed. But today I Am not concerned with the karma of such things, rather, how this can all come into balance by a new awareness for the eradication of old belief systems that have created so many 3rd and 4th dimensional archetypal manifestations.