An Astrological Interpretation for Donald Trump,
September 29, 2016 by Christine Preston

Donald Trump’s Astrological chart is available on the Internet and his date of birth is known. Astrologers say about him:
Astrologers: Your lunar sign belongs to the Gemini-Sagittarius axis that is resolutely open on the external world.
Christine: This may reflect an openness and concern for the whole world. Trump has his Moon in Sagittarius, indicating that he has the soul of a traveller. It has been said that this is so, whether he travels inside himself or across faraway lands. With regard to travelling inside of himself, he has probably explored his psychology, spent time in introspection, and is open to esoteric, or religious notions. Astrologers say that his soul has an independent nature because the Moon was in Sagittarius at the time of his birth, and this independent nature ties in with the aspect of Freedom of the Master Germain. He also wants to enlarge his horizon, to discover and explore new worlds, or new facets of the world. In wanting to enlarge his horizon, he probably wants to expand the positive and productive aspects of his own creation to the rest of the world. He is creative. Because of this aspect he will not be subject to stagnation. An has stated ‘the stagnation does not belong to your vocabulary.’ Trump also has an adaptable nature that will permit him to adopt new habits, behaviours, or policies, that will be different from his initial ones, so he has a great capacity for change, improvements, and as he is open to the external world, he will not be out of touch with the needs of the world, and will be sensitive to its needs. Astrologers say: ‘You display strong assimilation abilities’. He is a quick learner and in my opinion, does not experience in the White to function as President of the United States of America. He will know what to do. This is what astrologers also comment:
Astrologers: Your life setting does not have the stiff character that others need to feel in security. You put up with rhythm changes and your balance is not upset by unforeseen events and contacts. On the contrary, you loathe solitude and you are very comfortable when you have to exchange and to relate to others.
Christine: Trump will be very comfortable with all the presidential duties and functions even if they are unforeseen, and he will excel in emergency situations. When the Moon is dominant in a natal chart you are said in Astrology to be a Lunarian. The driving force behind the actions of a Lunarian is the pursuit of and tranquillity. In Trump’s case, because he belongs to the Gemini-Sagittarius axis that is resolutely open on the external world, and because he possesses such a strong drive towards improvements and perfection, the driving force for the pursuit of and tranquility translates into a driving force, a desire to accomplish something that will bring for the nation, together with peace in the land. His ambition will to other nations and the whole world. Astrologers say ‘your qualities are expressed to the fullest in situations which demand familiarity.’ That familiarity, or , will be acquired easily as Trump displays strong assimilation abilities, and doesn’t stop learning as stagnation doesn’t belong to his vocabulary, and he is open and interested, and his aspirations towards perfection drive him to acquiring new constantly. Astrologers have also stated that with these aspects in respect of the Moon and the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, a Lunarian can benefit from inspiration and strike a balance between action and passivity, as well as have the capacity to respect and blend into their environment. In regards Donald Trump’s astrological chart, an interpretation has been provided for the 21° Sagittarius symbolic degree as Two men fighting one another with daggers, together with in the background, a Book of Law featuring weighing scales. This is the ‘Janduz’ version. I suggest that this symbolism is to do with the struggle against the Establishment, and the book of Law is the American Constitution of 1776. That’s !