Archangel Gabriel
by Akashic Records Consultant Jennifer Snell

September 18, 2016
Greetings Dear Ones,
This is Archangel Gabriel, a being of light and of service.
I come here today to say hello Dear Ones and to let you know that here for you. here to help you. here to assist you on your spiritual path. As Jennifer said, the Divine Messenger. the Left Hand of God. Archangel Michael is the Right Hand of God. We extend our hand to you. an aspect of the Divine Feminine.
I work closely with AA Raphael in regards to the healing of children, pregnancy, and the of the . We often come through together as Messengers because we represent similar aspects of Energy. I strongly resonate with the element of copper. If you wish to draw in my energy, out of a copper mug, cook out of a copper kettle, you will infuse my energy in these food stuffs.
Call Me in, ask for my assistance. If you are pregnant, wear my medal around your neck, I will then be with you and your baby continually. If you are having issues with children, call me in along with , we also work closely together. We also have a separate mission where we are helping to bring in the Children of the Diamond Consciousness. These children are being birthed now. They are special in that for many this is their first time on Earth. They are pure, clear, beautiful diamond and crystal beings. They are pure of love and light. We ask you that if you see this in a child, send them love. are here to bring in the Earth energies and ground them. They need our .
My love is like a beautiful blue ocean, and I will caress you with my waves of love. Just call me in Dear Ones, I so wish to reconnect with all of you.
Archangel Gabriel

Jennifer Snell