Twin Flame André, Recall of communication
& Update, September 6, 2016 by Christine Preston

Some things of a lower nature have to be eradicated to recreate Gaia and a new civilization, but they are the bottom part of the pyramid of Soul evolution which has a separation right at the lower part of its body, now, instead of a pyramidion separated from its body, as depicted on the dollar bill which is the way the dark ones, the Illuminati, wants the situation to be on Earth. But you see, , the which is that symbolic pyramidion has descended and is pervading al of life in the pyramid that is no controlled by the dark forces since the Event of Brexit, or since the domino has fallen and has engendered a reaction. But those who are recalcitrant in their views an obstination to continue the dark agenda of domination, going against God’s Will, are dropping out. The bottom part of that symbolic pyramid representing the Body of God on Earth that is mystical, as well as the Bride of Christ in the sense of its belonging to the Light, the bottom part of that pyramid is detached by its own freewill and will be taken away to avoid being consumed as Light consumes . When you shift higher in density you will be in that that the Gnostics believed Jesus Christ was in his body. The dark ones will be relocated and their disappearance will in some case be a vanishing that will . In others it will seem like a natural progression due to the work of the people who want progress and a beautiful civilization. The shifting to a higher density is going to permit some chakras to be activated.