Ascended Twin Flame André, Saint Germain’s Plan for and Freedom,
September 14, 2016 by Christine Preston

Christine: The Television Broadcasting Station called ‘Russia Today’ or RT, has interviewed an analyst called Lionel, who lives in New York, to ask him how he interprets President Obama’s remarks in which he President Putin to Saddam Hussein. Lionel said that it ’t make sense, and that he ’t know what to think of it, and why Obama made such a statement, and that it’s irrelevant because what people wanted to hear was what the situation is concerning Hillary Clinton’s health as it had been announced that she collapsed in New York at the commemoration of 9/11. Hillary had also attempted to tarnish Donald Trump’s by the criticism that he had made some positive statements about Putin. This was when Clinton called Putin a dictator and obviously implied that Russia is an enemy.
Yesterday I posted a on RT’s Facebook page saying that I know why Obama compared Putin to Saddam Hussein, and that it is because the Establishment is implementing the policy of the creation of an enemy for the agenda that Carol Rosin, who worked for Von Braun, the head of NASA until he passed away, has disclosed. This is in relation to the Elite’s long term plan of creating an enemy to justify a weaponization of space, and it’s a development of their lucrative War Industries that at destabilizing countries and eventually create a one World Government to enslave all of mankind. Rosin speaks of the cards they have been and those they intend to play, and it’s a scenario that they are creating over a long-term period of many decades. One of their creations of an enemy was to present Russia as a threat, but perhaps it collapsed with the end of the cold war, so they are attempting to resurrect the program. Another card they were going to play is the danger of an Asteroid on a collision course with the Earth. Another is Terrorism and they have been successful with the latter. The card that Von Braun revealed to Carol Rosin as being their last, was in relation to the Extraterrestrial Presence, which they intend to present as a threat, saying that these advanced beings of higher dimensions are belligerent, or are aiming to invade us as the science fiction movies have portrayed, for example ‘’. They have developed the technological Hollographic Project Blue Beam that they could use to stage a scenario of invasion, but our Galactic family has informed us that it ’t be allowed. In 2011 Michael Ellegion received a communication from Ashtar who gave some explanations and said this will not be permitted.
The American government has been infiltrated and there’s no democracy. There is but one hope for peace in the world. It’s Donald Trump who has nothing to do with the big Corporations and the Establishment. Sone Christians who prophesy, such as Mark Taylor, believe he has been chosen by God for the fulfillment of prophecies. The opposition against him is fierce because those dark ones will lose power. He is fighting the battle against the Establishment. These attempts by Obama and Clinton to bend mind, or influence the public into that the Russians are enemies betray who they really are. So this is my introduction to the message I have received from André who you know is my Ascended twin flame. We communicate telepathically. He passes on messages to me by dictation word for word, or by thought transmission and I write them down. It is as follows: