Belen de la Paz THE 144.000 EAGLES TAKE FLIGHT
Translated by

March 14, 2016 Original Message in Spanish:

The Eagle Vision is peripheral
Everything is in its right and time; everything comes at the right and in the right . Seize the , the present time, because it is as it should be no more, nor less.
It is time to serve the most sacred and divine; it is time to rise and find what elevates us and makes us prosperous. Have patience, everything is in place, have hope and peace. Do not despair. Order is being put in your lives , and there is great acceleration in profound changes. In these days many new and renewed energies are being anchored. It has all been planned and the plan is being carried out to perfection.
The new order of archetypes upon which the new humanity is to abide by is being restored. A new harem of neutral possibilities will open before you, and you will see the light of the sun and of the lights. Seven lights, each veil of the seven veils that are going to be torn within this year 2016.
Once the veil is torn, this is a light that lights up to never be turned off. Every light that gets turned on is an achievement and a beacon, and the light that guides never gets lost. The seven veils to be torn will follow,
The veil of resentment through Mercy and forgiveness. The veil of fear and control, children of the doubt, insecurity and devaluation through action and . The veil of doubt with Faith and certainty. The veil of through empowerment with Love. The veil of reincarnation, by diving with awareness and consciousness The veil of ignorance and human stupidity, Wisdom. The veil of sadness that overshadows our soul and being, Joy.
Now is the time for all these timeliness that have opened up with this frequency to be aligned. And that takes time. Now is the time to be reborn on to new states, new frequencies. Everything is up and expanding.
The galactic activations are not made only from above, but also from below, from inside Mother Earth, from her centre. From within, a of Earth movements that produce a of perceptible shocks and generate certain expansions and waves inside of her, are being activated. These alter the frequency of the terrestrial pace, the rate of rotation and translation, even though it is hardly noticeable. All this enables us to feel these activations, changes and waves within us, making changes in our energy flow that leads us to free ourselves however subtle they may be.
The portals.
When this occurs we are reminded that changing is the only thing we have left to do; continuous renewal and change, and that nothing nor is eternal. The surges of Mother Earth are intensifying at much higher levels, and that is shaking all the information activated on her. These waves open our consciousness, our perception; they open and renew us.