by the Celestial White BeingsAscension 2017: Love in Action by the Celestial White Beings

Channelled through Natalie Glasson 9th September 2016 Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

2012 was significant because it marked a turning point especially upon the Earth humanity would either continue to out their karmic patterns or they would begin to rewrite the energies creating healing for the past and overcome a blockage which had been carried for lifetimes. The karmic humanity was carrying was the fall of Atlantis. A time when and technology were designed to exist in harmony and create planetary shifts, evolved spiritual awakening within each person and a deep unification with the Creator. However, technology began to dominate, connection with the divine lost, and devastation occurred. Many souls knew and even calculated that the karmic energy of Atlantis would and be fully manifested upon the Earth by 2012, only this time the Earth or any of Earth would not fall. Instead, the energies would need to be worked through and heale d to create a positive healing of the karmic pattern of Atlantis. Those upon the Earth who choose love in 2012 were reincarnations of Atlanteans who had experienced the fall; their choice represented a major healing and powerful release of old energies for all.
The past four years have allowed you to affirm and embody your choice of love and your vow to create love upon the Earth for yourself and others, love the human expression of the Creator. You have been discovering your role as a of love upon the Earth, exploring the desires of your soul for your physical reality and spiritual service, continuing to heal and release old energies from your as well as downloading codes, light and templates to support you essentially in your new reality upon the Earth. In truth, you have been finding yourself more than ever before as a divine and sacred existing in a human body. You have been discovering and making space within you for embodiments of your higher and unconditional love. This is why you have not been seeing the changes you wish in ; it is because everything is taking place first within your being and wi thin everyone else. You are the anchor for the divine. Everyone in is experiencing this shift, and so a great volume of old baggage and patterns are rising up to be washed with love, while some resist love with all their might, trying to encourage others to do the same.