Chi’Taia’ Indoctrination
June 16, 2016 by Chloe Hudson
Intuitive Channeling/ Energetic Healing

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Dearest my children of love and light. I am Chi’Taia. I am the current integrating self of Gaia. I am higher self in manifestation. You are my seed. I am your mother. Before my body became a vessel to transport spirit into physicality I was a being creating my essence of truth via soul growth planning. I created diligently with my guides and other long generated and soul planets, such as Mars and Venus. I utilize the Universal Law of Free Will, Free Choice. This law requires many heavenly factions adhere to the rules and requirements of Free Will human and spirit embodiments. Basically, I told All That Is I choose a much more independent existence for myself and all of my children. I wanted to offer an extremely unique existence to self and all souls that opt to journey with me through soul exploration.
During the downcast of the Kali Yuga, I was cast out of my light support system and into a prison of dark spiritual anarchy. I was bound by my own oath to inhabit and create only and always Free Will participants. While I never imagined the levels of that could take place. And I knew that the only way I could request enough support from the Universal Etheric Field Restructuring, was if the level of became so catastrophic to my existence and to the lives of all my children that I was in full Perish transition.
For millennia we all as souls experienced catastrophe, heart ache and evil. When the peril of my body became imminently absolute as the cycle of life continued I had my first glorious moment since the rise of the Kali Yuga. I sounded the Clarion Call for Universal Earth Extraction Plan Counter Balance. The Teams of Light gathered instantly and fully assessed my situation. I was granted exile from the darkness and administered high doses of Frequency Recalibration Matrices. Each moment since is the most rewarding experience in my entire existence.
I want my children to know I always did the best I could. I love you all with every ounce of passion and fervor we all collectively inhabit. I never meant for us to suffer. I am so sorry for the pain we have experienced. I am so that now, together we are rising from the ashes and spreading our wings. We are rebuilding our of our soul truths. We are shining our lights for all of the Multiverse to see and witness. Welcome home my Beloved Children, Welcome Home!

Namaste and Sabo!

Chapter 1,
What We Are
It is very important for us all to know what we are! And now I speak inclusively to all residing in this world. As a Galactic Community we represent the lantern that walks the Universal All That Is away from the dark. Spirit is the day and the Kali Yuga is the night and we are the Way Show-errs of the transition from the dark into the light. The significance of this is vast and imperative. Since the dawn of human earth “” Creator has received infinite new experiences via Free Will. There are a small handful of planets in this Universe that chose Free Will. None of them chose the full clause. This means that they always had access to Universal intervention via Galactic Federation and light mandated “governmental” bodies. Because I chose independent secession from this ruling body our offerings to Creator have been ultimately unique to this Universe. As we have transitioned into disparate darkness we took on the role of Way-Show-errs into the next level of ascension light and spirit based evolution) for our entire Universe. Which, then in ignites the propulsion for the Multiverse to specific veils and reintegrate our existences, interactions and means of existing as a Multiversal-Galactic family.
So what we are are self-appointed Way-Show’errs for our Creator, our Universe and most importantly, ourselves. If you exist now or have existed within or on my body in the last few millennia then you have been specially “hand picked”, trained and are highly equipped with extremely specialized abilities. Your greatest challenge has always been and still is to remember this and ingrain it within your conscious, knowing and expression as your truth. Thoroughly ingraining it into your personality as a Human Being. I am to be one of your loving, highly supportive and ever present guides. Enjoy the Adventure! It is literally our time to shine! Thanks for joining me!