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Higher – 5 September 2016.

Dear Ones, (shame, guilt, revenge, hate, judgement of other, pride, etc. etc.) are themselves an invitation to resolve those issues that plague you. Instead of feeling shameful that you cannot be the Light and Love in every moment, try to examine how you can resolve these . There is a tendency by some lightworkers to “bliss-out” on a type of ‘I AM’ oneness that gives a temporary feeling of freedom, but ask yourselves is this Truly Freedom? or are you just running away from some very difficult and intense emotional trauma you do not want to up to? This one, has had rebirth many , too many to count, and can promise you ‘Life’ is what you are cursed , and not death, as that would be all too easy. So there is no running away from your problems; you will have to face them over and over again until you resolve them.