Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba channeling Porda

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Did you witness already what took this past weekend at the G20 summit? This was an announcement of sorts, very direct to the that has eyes to see and the ears to hear! Your coming month and months ahead will prove to bring into fruition these changes in a way that cannot be by anyone. We are here to honor humanity today, for you have the right to be ! We are now, as I speak these words, sending you and showering upon you the blessings of the Creator, the blessings of and Goddess and the Blessings of all of Creation!! We are washing away your pain, your sorrow, your , and your doubts and misgivings. You are free now to move forward and the life you have always dreamed of for it is here! You will see many laws struck down and the removal and closing of many government and non-government agencies that have been a parasite to the people feeding on your . So many unjust actions that have held you down in bondage but no more! We all say together “NO MORE, NO MORE, NO MORE”