Drekx Omega Humanity Qualifies For Divine Grace – Historical Reasons Why Federation of Light Is Currently Mandated Apply this Just Law


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Posted by Drekx Omega on December 12, 2014 at 6:30pm

Selamat balik dratzo,

This article is one I’ve been asked to author, by and with the Samanet Sirians, in order to clarify various reasons, under , for an ET direct intervention into Earth humanity’s affairs, in all areas, including culture, politics, terraforming, science and economics, etc….As this state of play has deliberately been a long time in coming and the Galactic Federation of Light have been deliberately distanced from surface Earth cultural affairs, for centuries, until the heightened security alert of a possible 1980 nuclear war required direct GFL intervention and later, having passed that test, leading to east-west detente, a time came for a first contact initiative programme, in 1992…This ET intervention programme was permitted, under , as changes to DNA/RNA strands had been rapidly progressed in the 1980s and the third strand of DNA, in many, was beginning to activate and communicate with the other two strands…That biological fact alone, with the resultant in consciousness, warranted a divine timing for a first contact initiative by the GFL, which was also a time, when the cosmic star nation of prime responsibility for surface Earth’s human development, was the official baton of responsibility for Sol, from the Plejares star nation, to the Sirian star nation…

Among the Samanet Sirians, you will find a massive will and passion to aid human spiritual advancement of surface earth, leading to a fully-fledged star nation and honoured member of the GFL…In contrast, a degree of scepticism had once been among the Pleiadians that humanity would, or could, make that necessary leap in spiritual consciousness and when a former *Jschwjsch; named Ptaah (a Plejare,) passed his planetary baton of responsibility on to a new Jschwjsch, known as Vashtar, the stage was set for some development fireworks, in human history….And as you have seen over these past two , many things have changed in the , as we move ever closer to a successful first contact….Exactly two decades ago the Anunnaki ceased their former role as ancient “gods” and cruel surface Earth caretakers and instructed their human cabal minions to turn to the Light….All did, save one remaining and most stubborn cabal, we call the last “dark cabal,” which is, in fact, Anglo-American in it’s geographical basis of power, a London-Washington axis, albeit global in scope and upon those Illuminoid families of the west, chiefly the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, with several other families serving that of dark resistance to the Lighted plan…