September 4, 2016 by John Smallman

Hello, this is John with Jesus’ message for Sunday September 4th 2016. I spent 3 weeks this message, mostly in the last 2 days, and so I am including my communication with Jesus before I fully relaxed and allowed him to commune with me. We all have our “stuff” coming up for release which can make it difficult to get into our quiet space, the one from which I channel. His encouraging words to me are, of course, directed to all of humanity.

Jesus Blog # 300 for Sunday September 4th 2016. Channeled 20.10 Thursday August 18th ’ 21.18 Saturday September 3rd 2016.


Me: Well Dear Jesus, I have been , out to lunch, unwilling? I don’t know which, but I have either been avoiding making contact with you, or, due to reasons of which I am unaware, have just been to remain uncommunicative and quiet. I get vaguely feelings that I should channel, but choose not to respond. So input from you and/or a new message would be greatly appreciated, and so here I am attempting to be open to you, please commune!

Jesus: Good morning John, thank you for calling, we have much to discuss, and you will be pleased with “what comes through.” Just keep reminding yourself that All are One, you know this within yourself, so allow yourself to feel it, to experience it, and be truly inspired and uplifted, which is your will and therefore also God’s. Don’t judge or disparage yourself, it is totally inappropriate because 1) God is Love and therefore so are you, and 2) You are not a body, you are free, you are as God created you. Just be yourself, accept yourself as you are because that is how God created you, and that can only be Perfect! You and God are One in perfect , in perfect alignment, perfectly integrated and inseparable. You just forgot that, momentarily, but your memory is returning if you will allow it to open and then accept the wonders it you. And why wouldn’t you? God wants only for you to be in perfect happiness, and only you can prevent or block your awareness of that. YOU ARE ONE WITH GOD, so ALLOW yourself to be aware of that, your eternal and most natural state!