Stop judging and judgment will no longer be reflected back to you.
September 7, 2016 by John

PLEASE, allow yourselves to love yourselves unconditionally as God does. Open your hearts to the Love that He offers you in every of your existence and revel in the joy of His loving embrace. There is absolutely no reason to stand back, to be shy, to turn away as though you had something shameful to hide. You are, and always will be, Perfect, just as He created you.

Love is. All you have to do is to allow Love. You are Love. You are just either not recognizing that or are refusing to recognize that because you believe your own negative self-judgments that are reflected back to you by those whom you interact, are true and valid. They are NOT! The judgments of others are as invalid as your own. Stop judging and judgment will no longer be reflected back to you, i.e. you will find that you experience others judging you far less frequently. Often what you experience as a negative judgment from someone else is your incorrect interpretation of their or behavior in your presence in that moment, or as you recall them afterwards, mainly because that is what you expect!

When you truly let go of all those negative self-judgments, and really accepting and loving unconditionally, your personal , your Love field expands and embraces all with whom you interact. How could it not? It is , as created by your Father and bestowed upon you at the moment of your creation, and its purpose is connection, loving and harmonious relationship between Father and Son, God and Creation, and, of course, between His seemingly separated children who are in every moment One with Him and with each other.