Lady Nada
September, 19, 2016 by Fran Zepeda

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The Vastness of your Divine Love Essence


Let us speak today of your soul embodiment and reality as you see it. You are beginning to understand that your reality is a composite of your experiences and emotions. However, these have just been a bridge to your greater of your .

Seeing what you have been through as a stepping stone to your higher consciousness way of being is the purpose of your sojourn here on earth. Seeing your experiences and emotions in a detached way and as a helper/friend to raising your consciousness changes the fabric of your reality, where your soul and higher consciousness are really at the helm of your being and experience.

What is put before you to experience is a function of your growth; it is what is the best way to weave the aspects of your Self to a more full and complete fabric of higher consciousness and divinity.

And beloveds, you are so adept at this. Sometimes you forget that you are not your experiences, that you are not your emotions, that you are not your physical body separate from all else. These all are just a part of your true being that allows your True Being to flourish and exist on a higher realm.

And this is your truth. With this you can see everything from a lighter, higher perspective. It is all as it is, designed for your greater growth. You, as a physical being and ego, and your higher self are combining to orchestrate and build your true self to fruition and higher exaltation.

You are much more able with this perspective to find joy in the , to find in the , that you are in consort with your soul. You are one with it and it is at the helm of all your experiences now.

And you even can feel lighter in this knowing, that you have arrived at a place of lightness and joy that is not tainted so much by your emotions and physical experiences. They are more your friend now and they can dissolve into wisps of light energy as your soul awareness anchors more within your physical body and you this Beautiful Divinity that you are.

You can glide through life with more ease and joy, and what used to seem like an obstacle is not so much an impediment because your higher consciousness knows the reason for it and thus the creative solution for it. And it becomes your guide and impetus for higher frequency and full embodiment of your divinity.

With all this new perspective, your body feels lighter, and more clear, and aware of a limitless existence where all is possible and all is probable and all is infinitely glorious in its beautiful of this vast love energy that you are feeling now … this beautiful Love Energy that you ARE now. You are integrating it with ever-increasing speed, and it serves to validate and enforce your knowing that you are a Beautiful Light Being, glowing with abundant Divine Love and , limitless .

You are vast in your expression of Love now. It is you because it has always been you. You have just paved a way and allowed it to become front and center of your life. See yourself now as a walking Glow of Love Energy, extending out as far as your mind can imagine, then allow your soul to show you it can go further, without limit, without end. That is how you are to look at yourselves now: Vast expressions of Love which has no limit.

And you cannot help but know that this is your true reality. All the experiences and emotions you are experiencing are but a small speck in the reality of your Vast Love Essence, which is You, Now. Believe it, dear ones. And with that, all the impediments and obstacles become but a speck that you can dissolve with ease with this vast Love Essence Energy that is you.

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