Lord Sananda, September, 2016
Channeled by Cindy McDonagle


“Greetings Dear Ones
During the next thirty more of you are facing truths about yourselves learning about what truly makes your happy versus your ego’s. There are Energies or magnetic pulsing within the Earth’s atmosphere which is causing friction upon the earth’s land masses. For those of you sensitive enough to feel this, you recognize the need to spend more time in quiet places either out in nature or in your homes, you can regain a sense of balance. Some of you are so very sensitive this overloading causes you to want to be distracted and unfocused going about your daily routine without much passion. These new frequencies can be integrated by eating foods grown organically and grown by who love the earth, for it is the plant kingdom that can provide your body with the nutrients it needs to fully integrate positive and healthy nutrients that are in balance with these new energies. Even simple herbs grown in pots on your balcony can the light frequencies coming into the planet, which attune your body in ways that create a harmonic balance that is required to function optimally now. As you become more sensitive and more aware of the way in which foods you are eating truly affect your emotional and state of being, you will make healthier in all areas of your .”

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