11 Dimensional Beings by Marina Jacobi
September 20, 2016

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We are the 11 Dimensional beings. We can not interfere the New Grid. Now is the time for all of you to shift your consciousness. The new grid excepts you now. From tomorrow September 21st will be implemented the new beginning. Stop now all your doings and tune into the new grid positive outcome. The regulatory systems with full capacity. No one can take you out of the new hologram if you yourself do not allow them to. Do not drop your positive consciousness no matter what you see is from tomorrow.
Warning… The collapse is near. So with hold your highest thoughts and doings now. Do not trust any negative postings. Stay on your for that. If you are challenged now that is part of the cleansing process. So except the hologram and continue to behave and think positive.
Control was given to the higher order now. Let us remind all of your humanity.
No matter what someone is trying to do from the negative groups, and know that will not and we repeat will not be allow to continue. We will stop it now. So stop this silly game and come to . We know who you are. We will help you regain your true essence again. You must follow .
To all humans we will interact in the physical with some of you into your astral consciousness. We will connect you in one unit so the collective of your planet is strong.
No more manipulation. We oppose manipulation. Stop now. They say they must declare war, and we the higher order of the collective consciousness say NO MORE GAMES. We will actively stop you in every .
So dear humans know that even when you see changes we will help you every step of the way. More is to come from us. Stay positive. WE love you. Do good deeds. Humanity needs the love frequency and the compassion. That is what will you. Tune into the 5th Dimensional frequency now with love. We will stop all negative inputs.
Stop. Stop. Stop.
Solarium. Stay with us now . We can do miracles for you. Be strong. The battle is not out side, but inside of you. So stop listening the lies. See and your heart . is your true essence.
Attention, Attention, Attention. The start of the new beginning is happening. Good will and deed to all.
We are the 11 dimensional beings. Our words are law. Do not interfere with the Ascension of humanity. We are watching you, so stop now. We know who you are.
Come to the light now.

End of transmission.
The 11 Dimensional Beings “