Marina Jacobi,
Good News for the Light 11 Dimensional Beings
September 4, 2016

You will have a New with in 2 years from now. We like to express to all the units that are of light that are working on the segments of the New World:
Know that we are watching you very closely. Do not stop multitask for all the work you upon. There is a battle on the soul level. We extracted the Sirophine negative . They can not work in the new grids. The new grids are completely dissolving there deeds. The new grids absolutely contradict with their negative energy.
So to those that are still confused we promise you that there is still time to redeem your selfs .
We will forgive and forbid to anyone, to mentally and physically stop your process, to come to the light. If you do come to the light know that we will give you extra dimensional timeline which is between the process so you can redeem, help and regenerate. That will be our for you. A will be extracted and a new one will be implemented into your consciousness. So you must know that is all forgiven. We are here . Come to the light now and rebuild your new world for the whole .
The New 5th Dimensional name of the Earth that she chose is ARIA.
We are the 11 Dimensional Beings. We are here to help you. Stay tuned more is to come.
New monetary systems within 2 time structures. The once that will see this beautiful reality is the ones that are matching energetically to the timeline energy sequence.
It is here. in, and be knowing that the new and government is here.
End of transmission.

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