Message to the Lightworkers
September 13, 2016 by Carolina Oceana Ryan

Fear, as you describe it, is mainly a struggle within the mind, a desperate for what it calls “security” or “safety,” that in fact has to do with safety.

It is no more than a desire to control outer circumstances.

In fact, one of the reasons you incarnated this time around, was to release the need to control outer circumstances, and to allow your energy to flow in the moment, whatever may be occurring around you.

You may have been put in dangerous circumstances many times in your life, without knowing it, but you did not attempt to control those outer circumstances, because your mind had been to accept them.

A few examples include the intentional poisoning of drinking water with chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine, vaccinations contaminated with illnesses, EMF radiation, chemtrails, and the mind control exercised by your education, religion, and media industries.

Any of these has the potential for far than an earthquake or . It is simply that you have been trained to fear one far more than the other.

And so, we would say, when feelings of anxiety arise, know that this is the ego-mind’s struggle, frustrated that it cannot control all of your life .

Tell the frightened child within you (for that is at the of the matter), “All is well, ! We will stay in this present moment, and we will find something joyful to do now.”