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By Shivrael Luminance River.


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Rising to a Level of Love: Ourselves, Our Planet

It is my that we are all in to another. The service is the support that you give to others, that can be through action or through presence.

​There is a function that you were for just through being yourself. You see, you are here to follow your a unique divinely guided plan, and with it is the path of living your joy and .

On Release

What is releasing in this context? Releasing could be a surrender to the divine within you. Release is hearing and heeding the voice that speaks through your heart and lifts you up and lets you transcend the everyday experience. Release for transcendence is to the addiction to drama, the up and down cycles of emotions so you stabilize emotionality as you transform. It is letting go, letting yourself float into a space of “not knowing who you” are while in full surrender to who you are becoming. As this happens, can get messy and then it comes to a higher level of divine order and also greater joy. It is the chaos and then the leveling up which we, going through an awakening may experience. In this transition , chaos in the world may be coming to an end as we collectively “level up.” We awaken as individuals and we awaken as a world. It is the ultimate test of order within and mastery of the outer not looking like the world we wish it to be but having faith that it is all coming to a better place.