None of those inner anxieties or doubts about yourselves are in any way valid.
09/10/2016 by John Smallman

Your loving intentions are changing the world – MIGHTILY! As you visit your favorite on-line news and spiritual web sites you are presented with enormous amounts of information confirming this. All that is required of each of you is that you relax daily into your holy inner space, where the divine Light of Love burns constantly on your holy altars, and restate your intent to be loving in every moment and in every situation, because that is what is changing the world.

And of course you are not doing it on your own, the full power and might of God’s Will is to your intent. You cannot fail because God’s Will is always achieved, so let go of worry and anxiety, both are distractions from , and you were created to live. Instead, intend to deal successfully with whatever arises in the moment that it does so, and with the firmly held intent to be loving in every moment you will find you have whatever you need to deal with it. can be very simple if you allow it to flow through you instead of focusing on certain moments and attempting to prolong or resist them. There is only flow! To be motionless is impossible. When you sit quite still meditating all your bodily energy systems continue to function, and the force – Love – to flow through you, and in your meditational state you are more likely to notice this constant and loving flow bringing you to a beautifully relaxed state of inner peace.

As you keep being , and I will reiterate it yet again: “You, every human, every conscious entity that God (remember there is only the present moment) is perfect and infinitely .” That state of being can never change, it is permanent, . Therefore remind yourselves constantly of this, until you accept the truth of it and find that you truly KNOW it! within you, you do know this, you have just temporarily forgotten it, and that is why we in the spiritual realms need to keep reminding you. Release all your doubts about being worthy, good enough, or lovable, because you are infinitely and eternally worthy, good enough, and lovable. In fact you are eternally and infinitely beyond worthy, beyond good enough, and beyond lovable, because you are most beings of brilliant Light, just as you were created.