By Marilyn Raffaele.

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SEPTEMBER 25, 2016

We speak to you in joy for many changes are to your world. New events are soon to , but try not to anticipate them with third dimensional thinking and solutions. Change often unfolds in very subtle ways it seem as if nothing is happening.

The majority of sources at this time are only presenting third dimensional concepts of “”–almost always negative and in alignment with old energy. For the most part the sources still have no awareness or interest in higher ways of seeing and knowing.

Change is inevitable because world consciousness is changing. You will recognize this as you observe many heretofore accepted concepts and beliefs within the political, religious, medical, scientific, educational etc., fields beginning to dissolve, opening to new and higher levels of thought.

Your job as an awakened soul is to be an observer, resting in regardless what itself as you go about your day. As you learn to be in the world but not of it, you soon recognize that everything done to or by others is a reflection of their of consciousness but does not change the fact that regardless of appearances, their true is Divine, for there is nothing else.

God alone is. This realization is the key to spiritual evolution. It is what every soul has sought in all the wrong places lifetime after lifetime. Much of the world is now spiritually ready to cease seeking good in the outer scene and realize that everything they have been seeking is already present within.

is the attainment of a higher level of consciousness from which one then to see the world and everything in it from a place of knowing that there only ONE and that ONE is forever expressing itself in infinite forms and variety. Every soul will experience many ascensions.

We wish to speak of power, for in truth there is and always has been only One Power. Through lifetimes lived in the energies of duality and separation mankind came to accept and experience many powers, some good and many not so good. This in turn gave birth to the consciousness of fear.