By Shivrael Luminance River.


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Speaking through the Heart’s Knowing on Spiritual Activism ~ Shivrael Luminance River 9-25-2016

Asking and Receiving on the Subject of
A Download and Vision for the World To all Consciousness Ambassadors

I offer you a download and vision received in meditation in answer to the questions about karma. It begins in a question answer format in order to bring through information from beyond my own mind, from a higher source and perspective. It led to a fascinating vision for the world.

Do you wish to about karma?
Being in the of love releases the karma. Individuals, can see where they need to clear karma, on a personal level. What is that, what is karma? n the third dimensional regular world, Karma is the law of cause and effect in that your reap what you sow in life depending on your actions. We of the energy that karma is, in a form of multidimensionality, beyond linear definition as you have in the 3D world. We gift you a higher perspective from our of seeing.

Pathways and Spirals: Love for the Self and Love for Other as a Metaphor

An image to explain – we see pathways as a spiral going inward and also going outward. To clear karma is to unblock of energy with others between forces that are polarized, between one and one, or many. What clears karma is to do good works, to serve and to love others as yourself. You can clear the pathways between yourself and others. The process is an internal thing, a shift in one’s consciousness in which to see “the other” as a of God, a part of God and having a right to exist.

The “other” is your beloved who appears in your mirror and yourself in a different way of seeing. All charges of emotion from polarization that arises from conflict, all potentialities based on remembrance collapse into then to a higher octave that is the result of this clearing. It is like energy can take on a form and unlocks from the old form. We show you the golden key which is unconditional love. Love them unconditionally from the heart and love the self. We show you pathways to the self that need cleared. Imagine a spiral walkway and on this walk clear shame, clear guilt, open to self-love portal to the within, the walkway imitates the galaxy of stars. We are ever circling.

Remember that the seeds of conflict are in the self and when we see conflict in the world it may be mirroring the conflict within our own self. Self-inquiry can dissolve the conflict within so that is why our practices for inner peace are so important. That is why we are to be in environments which cultivate our inner peace and allow our mind to only receive what amplifies our inner peace. This could mean refraining from the influence of television, news, and radio, not to mention politics as the focus on these things can seed fear and discord within. , our world in which we inhabit is the reflection of what we hold inside vibrationally.

Love is what holds the universe together. There is divine order in all, and you exist because of and in concert with this divine order. We acknowledge and higher power and work in collaboration with that which is helping bring earth to a higher level of love.