The Arcturian Group
September 11, 2016 by Marilyn Raffaele

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The is in the midst of intense energies of evolutionary change and you are all feeling this. Hold to your Center in spite of what happens in the outer . Release the need to know about every bit of news or gossip floating through the airwaves, and practice seeing reality behind both good as well as appearances, because both are illusory.

What is the reality? Only the attributes of Source are reality, and these forever held in place by Divine Law. Peace, abundance, joy, completeness, wholeness, intelligence, creativity, etc. are only some of the aspects of the Divine lying unrecognized within everyone. Claim your Divinity , for you are ready.

There are many young people of evolved states of consciousness on earth or coming in at this time. They have lovingly chosen to assist with earth’s evolutionary ascension. Their is reflecting throughout the world in new ways of seeing and thinking, for they do not see things the same way that those still old energy do.

Parents, teachers, and families are rapidly becoming of bright little ones and teens who do not buy into beliefs of duality and separation, or old ways of doing things, often causing consternation to those around them who believe that their way is the only right way.

Listen to and heed the of these old souls in new bodies, and do not try to force them into cages of conformity because they are young and you believe you know best. Yes, they need and guidance, but most of all they need to be loved and listened to with respect for they are here to birth a new world consciousness and a society of peace. Trust your intuition for you will recognize them, and know that you are blessed if you are the parent, teacher, or guardian of one.

Practice peace. Pet the dog who looks longing to you for some affection. Smile to the street person who may receive nothing but disgust throughout his day, while putting a dollar in his cup. Be patient with the lonely neighbor who rambles on about nothing in a desperate need for companionship. Treat those who work with or for you with respect and recognition no matter how obnoxious they may seem. Learn to be gentle to all forms of nature.

The energy of these seemingly small actions flowing outward creates peace, for peace is nothing more than unconditional , and where there is unconditional , there cannot help but be peace. This does not always mean that an unpleasant person will stop being selfish and unpleasant, nor does it eliminate the need for some people to spend some time away from others.