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By Shivrael Luminance .


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Sacred vortex sites exist all over . These places have a kind of energy. Just like our bodies have chakra points, the Mother Earth has chakras too. Mt.Shasta, where I live, is a site that has an energy that feels electric and it is a vortex and chakra point for the earth. Many say it is the Root Chakra of the planet, yet I have heard it the Crown and High Heart Chakra. Ley lines and many vortex points and energetic places exist in the geography of Mother Earth.

These are high energy spots on the planet. Visiting these sites means that one can tune into the energy there and possibly have experiences that are paranormal. More starships show up at these interdimensional and high energy places. Sedona, and Lake Titicaca in Bolivia are examples. Pyramids are on many of these special points as the ancients knew about harnessing vortex energy. It is a place where the veils are thinner. It is a place where star beings may come and go and UFOs are sighted. We feel more of our divine selves when we meditate and connect in these places. We may be shown visions or have sightings of orbs. We may experience healing. It is like a crack between the worlds – the ancients knew this.

You can feel it in places like Machu Picchu where there are doorways in temple spaces that are open. You can see these doorways as openings to the other worlds. They are good permission slips to access the bigger part of us, our source and our with the ancestors and the wisdom there. Many have gone before us seeking . When we go to sacred sites, we our etheric footprints of past lives we connect to. It activates us to our potential and our memories. We can be awakened with dreams that are powerful in these places. We can have high and not feel much of anything, too.