With Archangel Michael, Lazarus 4 of 5
September 3, 2016 by Christine Preston

On August 8, after keeping her young husky in a kennel for a few days, she had to think of all the options to keep him safe, as he had damaged the van whilst she was visiting her father. She was expecting the Health Board to tell her what their intention was. They had reviewed the situation since she and her brother got Solicitors involved. This was to remove the threat that the hospital would sign their father to stop feeding him, or care for him, and would give him morphine to die. They had not seen him opening his eyes and responding to their voices, and denied any improvements.
There also was a meeting with the Insurance Assessor for the fire at their father’s house and it went well. However, on August 9, my friend was confused and was losing track of what she had to do. The side door of her van had to be repaired at a garage so she could even get her large husky in it. A new lead made of chain, had to be purchase, as well as a muzzle to prevent him to chew the leather interior of the van. On August 12, she reported that the Health Board had not applied to the Courts. None of the Solicitors recommendations had been opposed removing the need to go to Court, and her father looked well considering being in a coma. She had left her husky with her brother for a few days and then he escaped from the property. The road was busy and after a long search the dog was located miles away at Port Talbot. He had to be collected two days later and a charge of a hundred pounds had to be paid. She kept him for one day but finally decided to return him to her brother as she could not manage looking after him as well as visiting her father in hospital. She could not leave the dog for too long in the van.