With Ascended Twin Flame, Meditation for the Shift, September 16, 2017
Christine: Hi lightworkers! Let’s do a meditation with a visualization for the Tube of Light and attunement with our Monadic Presence to raise our vibrations and prepare for the coming shift to 4th density, as well as our perpetual progress upon the ladder of consciousness on the path of Ascension, to eventually be raised up to the 5th dimension. This Call will include images and descriptions which will serve as visualizations. I make these calls in the morning and evening and often they result with communications. Andre is the inspiration for this meditation, by communication as :
Andre: O my Mighty I Am Presence, I am raising my mind to you again to ask you to place your magnificent Tube of Light in and around me today. Let the divine dual polarity of your great God Self any negativity in myself into the positive polarity of your presence. In the I Am Name and by the power of the threefold flame anchored within my heart, keep this shower of your divine energies and light flowing through me eternally and keep it intact through every passing moment. Keep this pillar of divinely charged energies impenetrable. Reinforce it so nothing that is of human mortal consciousness or of psychotronic origin can ever penetrate it. Let the mercy of its divinely charged energies so purify my world that all whom I contact shall be with the victory of Light and the peace of the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. I therefore also call for the Solar Ring and I draw this solar ring as a fiery circle of white light all around me, as well as my loved ones and ask it may be placed around the lightbearers of the world whom the angels of the First Ray will find eligible for this responsibility. And so the solar ring that I around myself becomes a platform for the Seraphim and Angels of the First Ray to build the tube of Light, and maintain it with the Ray under the guidance of the Prince of the , Archangel Michael, who protects us within his blue flame and his sword of blue. I Am Presence, I Am your Presence in action in me now. I Am the Light. When I say I Am, it means ‘God in me’. So I Am your and your Life descending within my being and taking action in me now. I Am, I Am, I Am shedding the density of the dimension and its duality in my perceptions, my psychology, and my mentality. I Am, I Am, I Am God in action in me now through Archangel Michael of the Sun behind the sun coming into action within me now, using his sword of blue flame to heal me now and he delivers me from the shackles of my creations through the law of Action and Reaction, if any. He cuts me free with his sword of blue flame from anything less than Christ consciousness and the consciousness