Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco.


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I am “El Noura”

We have visited with this one this week about us to share with you this week. This is to also let you know what is in the world from our vision.

I am Pleiadian. I have been Pleiadian for many lives and other as well. That is where I myself at the moment. In above where you are. Watching you and working with you. Sharing with you. We are able to be with one another when you go on your state.

You go perusing the planet. You know that changes are here. You can feel the difference in the energy. You can feel the difference in that which is told to you. You can feel the difference in the love and the that is present. Not only with your family and your friends and this group but with others in the world.

We know that you have seen this on the streets when you get out and walk. In stores. In convenience markets. In those places where those people are awakening are looking for light. And you are the light. You are the light.

When you say, “What is my job?” Your job is to be the light. Be the light is the way you can those brothers and who are awakening. Be the light. Share the love. Share the understanding. They ask questions and you respond.