A Message from Mira from the High Council,
October 3, 2016


forces are blocked in their ability to understand that are many people in the world who have serious needs that some of their money could . We find this incredible since they are so myopic they only can remain to themselves and their desires. The consequences will get more intense for them as the other energies increase in numerous ways.

As this channel has told you, we are increasingly active in the skies as as on the planet. When we come some of our fleets to various areas we are working in different ways. Partly we keep tabs on the populace, check on how you are doing and what you need, and we clear out the atmosphere where it continues to be polluted through unnatural . We show you that we love you and about you so we ask you to keep your eyes in the skies. We come in ways, and forms that are mostly cloud like and you can feel our energy. We are so you can also talk to us. We will hear you. We appreciate your welcoming energy because we have much to learn together.

Work on taking us into your hearts. Feel the love and goodwill that we have for you. Your focus is precious to us because for so long we have not been allowed to communicate the way we have wanted to communicate. This will change and it will not be much longer. Your patience is helpful. We know that many of you are feeling and drained from the incarnation on the earth and the cumulative effects from my arduous lifetimes on the earth.