, How to Prepare for Telepathic Contact,
October 29, 2016 by Christine Preston

It will be my pleasure to, at long last, be able to spread the truths to the four corners of the Earth, and in doing this, change the of all souls across its horizons. I would like to say that we, in the heavens of higher dimensions, Archangels, Ascended and Galactic beings who are your Star kin, are delighted and jumping with joy, as you say, because at long last, we have come to that wonderful moment when something so important can change, just that condition which will result with the final removal of the dark controlling forces. The battle is going to be won for Donald Trump on the voting day, and there is no doubt that it will be so. These sinister and malicious beings who are in position of control as they are in the White House, will have no more right to be there. Adronis has mentioned the fact that they are already in retreat, attempting to return to the installations that were vacated after some battles. These were underground or underwater and hiding places for the species. Associated with those who now know they have the battle, are those who have control of certain facilities situated in Alaska and Antarctica, with which they have created storms and earthquakes as well as tsunamis, and these have been part of secret controlled by that shadow force. Adronis has hinted at the fact that, next year, some people will be campaigning and manifesting for a and action to put a to these scientific activities. I shall be involved with an activation that will cause concerning the fact of the existence of these technologies and that such powers have interfered with the Laws of nature. As far as the mainstream media is concerned this fact belong to the category of the conspiracy theories, but I will cause it to infiltrate the media and common human knowledge. My trumpet will sound the alert and disturb the ethers till many are compelled to act. and announcements are very much what I am involved with in order to bring to mankind the manifestation of the Will of . Not one stone shall be left unturned. Disclosure is a work of destruction of the indoctrination and false belief systems.