Ascended Twin Flame André, The Path of Love, October 18, 2016
Christine: When announcing what message he would give me and what it would be about, my Ascended twin flame André communicated to me the following:
André: I can tell you that it will be about ’s path of discovery of the Self and for those who resonate with that path. It will be about the pittfalls on that path and how the negative entities have taken advantage of the lightbearers’ vulnerabilities, as well as plotted to create situations to bring their paths to a standstill, or to disaster. It will be about the idea that the Beings of Love and of Light sent to Earth extensions of themselves, called , or Star , in the human veils of the third dimension.
Christine: André decided to and give me the entire message there and then.
André: Some among you, Lightworkers, were born decades ago when the collective was much less awakened than today, and much less alerted to the truths that have been suppressed. The members of the Elite were having their day and on the there were entities with a dark nature and an Armageddon of the psyche was going on, as the Astral and the Lower Astral were raided by angelic forces, but the Sinister force upon these lower regions had agents which were reaching out to the lives of the lightbearers and lightworkers to cause disasters in those lives. Relationships were broken, money and property were lost, and people were influenced in their ideologies, as well as their emotions, so everything started falling apart, and those satanic forces had an earth-shattering goal of destruction for those workers of the Light, even if the latter were not aware of their spiritual nature. The angels shielded these souls and prevented actual intrusion from these negative forces into their aura, and they mended the situations as they could as it is not permitted to them to go against human freewill. The dark forces however created havoc in relationships that were unequally yoked, such as for instance, a karmic relationship between a lightbearer and a person of a third dimensional materialistic mentality more susceptible to the dark , seeking self-gratification rather than the fulfilment of a romantic .