September 2, 2016

Translated by Luz Shaumbra

Water flows inside me making me lighter, cleaning me, softening me and reminding me of who I am, for I am something more than myself; more than this dense body that does not have to put any limits in me.
THE Great Spirit of the Feminine is taking the people out of the slavery of ignorance by opening the putrid and stagnant waters of the Matrix. Moses the Red waters and that Spirit opens the waters of ignorance, the waters of stagnant emotions, the waters of the Matrix in order to open and clear the Path of the journey that brings us back home.
Through the spirit everything is achieved, love is a powerful remedy against all evil and distortion, love intoxicates every cell of the body and converts it into health, there is no medicine more powerful than love, and love begins with oneself.

By loving, you will achieve it all.

To love is to forgive, love is ever forgiving, love exalts everything.

Mother your great love is curing and healing me; you serve as an inspiration. I know now that with a great love one can serve, cure, heal, and transform everything. Love is the great medicine which cures, heals, and transforms people along with the water of life. There is love in the water.

What happens upon Earth is . There is going to be an inner energy inner explosion with a unprecedented blast, and the illusion of the maya will vanish largely. These waves will ravage it. Everything becomes now clear and evident, it will happen in September. When the windows close, the truth comes out even more strongly to light; no one can hide any longer where they did before.

Drainage channels have opened up inside the Earth to stop her from cracking. All is so clear and evident …

It is easier to feel physical pain than emotional one, and now all that has been blocked is being released at a deep level through the physical.

“You are aware of the inner worlds” get yourselves ready because everything is about to take place. All is soon to be revealed.

Many of you are in the queue of the initiated in order to make the big change. In this batch there are a group of beings that are going to be able to make that great leap after the September Equinox.

And … you will the glory of God!!

You now need to open seven gates, to lift seven veils. Remember that in each initiation seven gates have to be opened, those that correspond to each level.

Sirius is opening its gates so that the connection with the beings that inhabit the Earth and who come from this Star may have a more direct and deeper connection with the beings from Sirius, with their origins. This also happens for them to be able to awaken the deepest memories of the interlinings of their souls. This would enable the energies of that place of high vibration to be better anchored upon Earth, so that they can fulfil the purpose that them here, and connect with their divine origins. They will be able to carry out their higher and life purpose in a more direct and easy manner.

In September the gates of the Universe open up and the fate of may will be decided upon. In September the unified love will become one with Father-Mother God-Goddess .

The September Equinox will accelerate the magnetic fields of the hidden paths of the Stellar Universe. In September the portals will open to unite Mother Earth with hidden dimensions, which remained until now hidden and veiled. The heavens, the Universes of light come to Earth with greater force in order to anchor themselves upon it.

And I see the 144.000 Eagles in full taking flight, tracing the edges of the universe, opening the portals and access gates in unison.

I see humanity facing new challenges of raising and cleaning. I see the Divine Mother being of service to the light and leading the Eagles so that no one loses the north, protecting and directing them in unity and love.

I can see the Divine Mother in Divine Presence, threading the threads of gold and silver and backstitching layer by layer them so they can be fixed. I see the layers and fibres of the Light Bodies being sown and from the human beings who have reached that level as well as from Mother Earth.
Thread your lives to your true destiny and purpose, leave the wheel of pain and suffering, thread your souls to the eternal life, thread your verb to the light because the Word was made flesh, and once made flesh he dwells among us, in the physical reality.

If you thread your life and you tie your thoughts, emotions, feelings and actions to the light, a high destination will be forged upon you.