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Rays in Hiding Time to Be Revealed:

Calling All Rays to Unite

Sacred Divine Feminine Healing

You my dear beloved are from the rays of the spectrum of Light, you are from which Creation comes forth and makes God ! Born on Earth, you came though a specific ray of creation that would best suit your purpose, soul and planetary evolution. 555

It time for the dispensation of the Blue Ray Light of Creation that carries the Sacred Divine Feminine of balance and healing for the planet. The violet fire has released limitations and paves the way for the blue ray, as they work very closely together. The violet fire will continue to transform lower . Many Blue Rays have violet in their as part of their sacred mission and purpose of transformation through grace.

It is important that the in hiding that carry the encoded frequency of the Sacred Divine Feminine take back their God-given right of sovereign power. You are part of the support and foundation of the shift that will the Golden Age. You know within your soul and being if you carry the healing encodement frequency of the Sacred Divine Feminine and you need not be a woman or Blue Ray though many are. 13