by Maryann Rada.

Background Image: by Rosan Harmens
Location: Ghandruk, Nepal.

Again, we greet you, with the love of our people for your race, as family, , neighbors. We are members of the Galactic Federation of Light who carry a message to you through the auspices of Anica, liaison from the of Light. This, our message in this manner, comes at a time of and anxiety, as the structure of your world strains under the pressure of long-overdue . We will be brief and to the point, and allow space for Anica’s commentary to follow.

Many of your finest voices remain unheard amid a cacophony of division, yet the murmur of sanity, of peace, of fellowship is gaining coherence. It is a matter of time until the background murmur comes to the forefront of awareness and popularity contests and power plays take a back seat, you may say, to the driving of humanity redefining itself altogether. We speak of certain inevitabilities within your interwoven global . We speak of the growing awareness of planetary survival becoming a primary focus and of the need for humanity to make decisions about what each person can do to make the world safer and more .