So here we are with the mind training of A Course in Miracles. We’re going to embark on a systematic way for you, right out there in your conceptual identity, to change your mind about who you thought you were. And you’re going to sit for just a with a so-called “advanced teacher.” And the first question that’s obviously going to arise in this mind training is: “How are you classed as an advanced teacher?”

Certainly an advanced teacher is not one who has studied religiously over a of some years what the meaning, perceptually, of A Course In Miracles is. Just as certainly, any that you have about advancement in the technique of the mind training, that is, to bring about in your mind a transformation of who you thought you were, would qualify you as an advanced teacher; the manner in which you systematically arrive at new conclusions about yourself are fundamentally on the that there is no world. That is to say, as you have organized yourself conceptually in your own mind, you actually ’t exist.

If you saw that, at the beginning of this mind training , it offended you. And the reason that it offended you was that fundamentally all of the lessons of this workbook of training your mind to a new way to look at yourself in the manner in which I, as an advanced teacher, see you will you because it requires the fundamental admission, number one, that everything that you see really doesn’t mean anything; and number two, you have given everything that you see all the meaning that it has, and in a very fundamental way you don’t understand anything.

From The Illuminate Mind Training Series
with The Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles.
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