A Dawn of the New Era, by Higher of Dayne Francis


The body breeds it and within it, a soul using emotion and mind as controls to express that of which love in a land where love not yet learnt by some. It said that Jesus spent time the whore the thief the tax collectors the kings and criminals, all different kinds of manner of men yet stayed through to his design. Remembrance key, remember you’re a soul and the body for us to physical life, for love and joy the dawn of a new era. As the body deals with doing the soul operates in being, this where we reside. So be joyful, courageous, sensual, understanding, loving, compassionate, patient, and creative and many other states of being that stirs passion in your heart and get a chance to experience this joy in physical in all its glory. The body cannot move without a soul, it the soul that gives triumph to a beating heart so to for us to stay true in who we are to remember.
Through remembrance we understand that the world is simply means for you to see and experience who you are, all the while already knowing who you are and what you stand for. So as the is association, the question you must always know the answer to is that, are you a soul or the physical body? , when in the body both, but always first and foremost a soul. Separating the two can only cause disharmony, for when it comes to nutrition, there is food for the soul and food for the body. To constantly feed the soul goodness is simply to just there regardless of what the world has to offer,