By Evelynn Woods.

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The Sirian Messages: October 18, 2016

Greetings, ones!

As you have been continually noticing for quite a while now, energies of vibration and change are stronger and more recognizable in the sea of auras. You may feel more comfortable around people, or it could be quite the opposite. Truly, there is no RIGHT feeling you should be experiencing. Know that you can be feeling whatever resonates you most. Yes, you are moving into a more realm, but to many, this is not as as it should be.

And that brings us to today’ point: Earth is obviously changing. But isn’t it always? Why are you more by this change than any other? I am sure there are some of you out there that believe this answer to be so completely , but sometimes, if one thinks deeply enough, or too shallowly, the answer can become unclear.

In my realm of , the answers are not to be found in places as visible as the very ground on which we stand. Answers always seem a little more complicated than that. Yes, we run into questions. We do not know . There is too much to know!